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Wati Watia Zorey Band

Fusion Maloya

Second album – Spring 2022

This collective is the result of a meeting between Moriarty and Marjolaine Karlin, following their numerous trips to Reunion Island. They were joined by two musicians from new horizons. All of them have a passion for this language and its musicality. Their common friends are Christine Salem and Danyèl Waro.

Busy with their respective projects, they took the time to refine their tribute: 11 tracks and a long infusion in the poetic and rebellious language of Alain Péters (a monument of Reunionese music, a local idol, and what's more, the rhythms of the Indian Ocean are reputed to be unplayable, incomprehensible to non-locals

Several people were needed to continue the dialogues started by Alain Peters, we are six: 2 singers and 4 instrumentalists, to retrace the descent of an angel into Hell.


Rest'là Maloya
Rest'là Maloya