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CLAY AND FRIENDS : new single "Moneytree" (feat. Naâman)

Chien Champion

True to their Montreal roots, their single Moneytree ft. Naâman marks an English turning point for Clay and Friends. They’ll be back for a European festival tour in July 2023.

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Jupiter & Okwess at Coachella !


The first Congolese band to play in Coachella !

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Joao Selva - Fisrt single and official video "Passarinho" 9/12/22

JP Gimenez

9/12/22 :  Joao Selva's firt single and official video “Passarinho”

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Lucibela @ La Cigale


Lucibela will present tracks from her latest album at the Cigale on Tuesday 24 January 2023 as part of the "Au Fil des Voix" festival

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