Sages comme des Sauvages - First single on 25th january 2024


Répare ou Pas, the first single release from Sages comme des Sauvages' third album, is an anthem in the form of a question.

To repair or not to repair? Faced with a world full of manufacturing defects and malfunctions, the duo wonder whether it's still worth patching things up. Is our society not like an old printer with programmed obsolescence that refuses to print in colour?

Have the cogs just seized up or has the machine been sabotaged? What are we saving in a world where everything is for sale or to be thrown away? Do we fight or do we tinker? Somewhere between Systema and Système D, Sages Comme Des Sauvages dares to open up the question.

To investigate further, the band went to shoot a video clip with some of the specialists in this field: stock car enthusiasts.

Over there, they revive cars that nobody wants any more, giving them one last lap around the track, one last barrel roll before they are finally sent to the scrapyard. And the dust raised by these broken-down cars and by the people who give them a last helping hand becomes a magical, haunting ritual, driven by the beauty of the question : Répare ou Pas ?

The result is a magnificent clip directed by Nicolas Adalbert, a cinematic marvel full of stunts and technicolour adventures...