Traveling Sessions


Release date: 29/03/2019
Label: Zamora Label
Gunwood - Traveling Sessions

After their debut album Traveling Soul released in April 2017, Gunwood were keen to extend the journey. Gunnar Ellwanger (guitars, lead vocals), Jeff Preto (bass, vocals) and David Jarry Lacombe (drums, vocals) have shaken up their tracks by mixing them with the nivers of other artists, friends or admirers. From these electric encounters in the image of their mixed folk blues, the "Traveling Sessions" were born: a guest artist, a Gunwood track to revisit, a singular place, cameras and microphones to share.

1. Rainchild (feat. Hugh Coltman)
2. More (feat. Ben l’Oncle Soul)
3. Rescue (feat. Electro Deluxe)
4. Swimming (feat. La Chica)
5. Rude Thing (feat. Yarol Poupaud)
6. The Auld Triangle