New gig in Paris for Piers Faccini at La Cigale on February 16, 2022

Piers Faccini
Julien Mignot

New Parisian gig: Piers Faccini will perform at La Cigale on 02/16/2022 to defend, on stage, his album “Shapes of the Fall”

Piers Faccini's seventh album represents a major milestone in his dialogue between the intimate and the universal, between Anglo-Saxon heritage and Mediterranean and African traditions.

Orchestrating deep exchanges between folksongs, Gnawa pulsations and string quartet, Piers Faccini shows the maturity of an artist who is entering his fiftieth year, painting a picture of the world marked by gravity but crossed by the first quality of lucid souls: that of "emitting or reflecting light". Obsessed by a certain sense of purity, Piers Faccini has always looked to traditional music - tarantella, Gnawa singing, Reunionese maloya... -, convinced that songwriting began long before Bob Dylan or Nick Drake. In Shapes of the Fall, his seventh album, he takes a new step, more creative than ever. This magnificent collection of songs sublimates our anxieties, cajoles us and sets us free.

Shapes of the Fall, No Formatv! 2021

Piers Faccini, guitar-vocals, harmonica / Simone Prattico, drums / Malik Ziad, guembri, mandola / Juliette Serrad, cello / Séverine Morfin, violin