Troposphere 13

Jupiter & Okwess

Release date: 11/11/2016
Label: Zamora Label
Jupiter & Okwess - Troposphere 13

With his new album, Troposphère 13, named after the Congo's aerospace programme, Jupiter Okwess is aiming for the stars in his own way: a joyful, rock'n'roll celebration of the diverse rhythms of his country, the Congo. Following him, the "rebel general" is bringing along a whole generation of new, committed musicians, ready to revolutionise old habits! A journey into the future of the Congo, rooted in the fertile soil of the past. Beware, it's taking off.

01. Pondjo Pondjo
02. Musonsu
03. Ngandjo
04. Bengai Yo
05. Lourds
06. Nzele Momi