Pieces of Soul

Nina Attal

Release date: 21/05/2021
Label: Zamora Label

While a New York Times survey published last year found that the number of young women playing guitar is steadily increasing, Nina Attal is a pioneer with over 600 concerts to her credit. The 29-year-old French singer and guitarist is releasing Pieces of Soul, her fourth album, a testament to her return to the blues, rhythm'n'blues and rock that sparked her passion for the instrument.

Written and composed in the wake of a road trip on the West Coast of the United States, then produced last summer in Normandy by ex-Beat Assaillant Maxime Lebidois, his fourth album is all the more eagerly awaited, signing his arrival on the excellent Zamora label after 10 years of self-production. His twelve tracks, to which is added a cover of "You're No Good" popularized by Linda Ronstadt, put the guitar back at the heart of his creative process, through a range of sunny sounds, discreetly and respectfully tinged by various Californian influences (Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer...).


Riffs with rock saturations ("I Won't Make It", "Get Your Shit Together") are next to formidable blues-soul ballads ("Shape My Home"), folk ("Daughter") or rhythm'n'blues ("I Can't Stop Loving You"). His very personal lyrics reflect his questioning of himself and his desire for emancipation. Nourished by her incompressible love of music, which is in her skin, just like her tattoos, Pieces of Soul undeniably offers Nina Attal a new dimension.  To be listened to urgently!