Na Kozonga

Jupiter & Okwess

Release date: 23/04/2021
Label: Zamora Label / Studio Gouv

Explosive! Na Kozonga, the new album of Jupiter & Okwess is a bomb of energy that bewitches the body and feeds the spirit. Since their debut, the General Rebel and his pyrotechnics have drawn on all the rhythms of the Congo to reveal their superpowers: those of rock and funk ready for all weddings and all invitations!

From Damon Albarn to Money Mark (Beastie Boys) and, on this new album, Rogê's samba, Marcelo D2's rap, New Orleans brass or the voice of Chilean singer and activist Ana Tijoux, Jupiter & Okwess are not afraid of encounters or the craziest journeys. They have even conquered Latin America, and are jubilantly renewing the triangular trade of sounds! It's an obvious choice for the man who, on his first record, proclaimed "Ich bin ein Congolese, The World is my land". We all have ancestors in Africa," Jupiter reminds us, "who also played music. And if Africa looks like a gun, the trigger is in the Congo. Ready, set, go

From Kinshasa, Jupiter and his joyful pistoleros set off on a new world tour. It is up to you to follow their incandescent star.