La paresse

Bastien Lallemant

Release date: 12/04/2024
Label: Zamora Label

La paresse, Bastien Lallemant's sixth album, will be released in April 2024. Bastien teamed up with Babx, JP Nataf and Mocke to record it. In his new songs, Bastien sets out to tell the story of a couple at different moments in their lives. There's a cinematic feel to La paresse, with camera movements and sets, and at the heart of these stories, a man and a woman at different moments in their love lives. The very mysterious Elisabeth Spettro is the female voice of the album.

With La paresse, Bastien takes a resolutely new direction. The instrumental part is more assertive than ever, allowing himself a great deal of freedom and rich musical digressions, full of surprises. From song to song, the album unfolds its multiple facets and continually reinvents its narrative mode. Bastien Lallemant's songs are literary and cinematic, like short stories in which we follow the narratives, stroll through the settings and meet the characters.

With six albums to his name, Bastien returns to the stage in a duet with Dominique Depret, aka Mocke*, on guitar. They will perform the new repertoire, as well as a selection of songs from previous albums (Danser les filles 2018, La maison haute 2015 and Le verger 2010).

Dominique Depret, aka Mocke: in the late 90s, Mocke was the founder and guitarist of the group Holden. More recently, he formed the band Midget! He is also the author of three instrumental albums.