La Maison Haute

Bastien Lallemant

Release date: 02/03/2015
Label: Zamora Label
Bastien Lallemant - La Maison Haute

It took Bastien Lallemant 5 years to follow up on his successful album Le Verger, released in 2010. During these 5 years, Bastien has not been idle. He initiated the Siestes Acoustiques and it was on the road with his friends that La Maison Haute was born. His 4th album and surely his most accomplished.

“La Maison Haute ? More like a haunted palace, with lezardous walls but slender forms. A great slow-burning record” // JD Beauvallet - Les Inrocks

"One thinks of Gainsbourg, Melody Nelson era, for the deep timbre, the distinguished and nonchalant diction, the musical punctuation à la Jean-Claude Vannier. A little bit of Dominique A and Bertrand Belin, for the monochromatic voice and the enigmatic atmospheres" // Valérie Lehoux - Télérama