La Loba

La Chica

Release date: 04/12/2020
Label: Zamora Label / TWENYONE

La Chica's new album "La Loba" is dedicated to her late brother. It is an intimate, sincere opus, full of magic and ritual. Through these songs she expresses a first stage of her new life learning in the absence of a loved one. She goes through different emotional states such as anger, infinite sadness, supreme love, enlightenment.

First, in "3", she speaks directly to her brother to ask him how life is in the afterlife and seeks to unite their energies so that together they sow the seeds of tomorrow.

Then, in "Agua", she sings a ritual to the river to take her pain and sorrow with her, then awakens her rage to illustrate the powerful nature of women, the awakening of "witches" and the change to come in "La Loba".

As the tracks progress, her pain evolves.

She returns to her song "Drink", a song for the dead which has found a new depth here, and which she approaches in a more natural, calmer way, seeking spiritual connection through the trance of sounds, of music.

Finally, "Sol" is an outlet in which she releases all the pain that is transformed into strength, leaving her free of her personal pain and armed to break the chains that might hold her brother to this earth to allow him to rise in "Hoy".

In the current context where everything is sanitised, where the weight of social networks demands an illusory perfection, in a world on fire, it seemed essential to try to transmit her emotions in a true and authentic way.

We therefore deliberately find certain "defects" in the recordings, La Chica having favoured vocal takes where the interpretation was natural and not perfect.