Danser les Filles

Bastien Lallemant

Release date: 24/05/2019
Label: Zamora Label
Bastien Lallemant - Danser les Filles

"Right away, the resemblance is obvious: Bastien Lallemant sings like the Gainsbourg of the 60s, with the same deep tone and undulating phrasing. After this first shock, the songs come. Very fine and refined in their profoundly acoustic musical dressing, where no instrument takes precedence over the other and where the percussions seem as light as the flutter of an eyelash. In other words, this record is a luxury for the ear.

01. Danser les filles
02. La maison penche
03. Ralentissons
04. Fuir au combat
05. Nous dormirons la nuit au chaud
06. Avant midi
07. Le feu
08. Le lilas fane
09. Le grand départ
10. Ami ami
11. Berceuse (Pour Oskar)