Chico César, discover the new video with Salif Keita!


After a series of concerts during the Brazilian carnival period, Chico César is back on stage with an international tour in sight. An opportunity to release a new version of the track SobreHumano in collaboration with a monument of Malian music: Salif Keita.

The quintessence of an encounter between South American and African grooves, a marriage of sertão and Malian melodies. 

The duo performs an ode to the preservation of nature, warning against the greed that causes ecological devastation.

A musical fusion immortalized in the legendary Studio A booth at Studio Ferber in Paris. The voices of Chico César and Salif Keita follow and enhance each other, punctuated by the powerful percussion of Zé Luis Nascimento, the syncopated kora of Sékou Kouyaté and the sweet keyboards of Albin de la Simone. 

A meeting filmed by Florent de La Tullaye, whose ingenuity resides in the fluidity of the sequences of shots: from the effervescence of a recording studio to the serenity of a mangrove or a lagoon, culminating in the embrace of two artists committed to humankind.
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