Larg pa lo kor

Christine Salem

Release date: 04/02/2016
Label: Zamora Label
Christine Salem - Larg pa lo kor

Christine Salem no longer has the same rough intentions as in some of her previous albums, and it is true that she knows the value and the extent of the progress made since her first recording in 2001. "I was already angry because people were talking about our ancestors the Gauls. Then I was told, 'You won't get far with maloya. We went to the United States. The New York Times ranked us in the top ten concerts of the year. In two years, she has given more than a hundred concerts around the world, from South Africa to Poland, from the Comoros to Australia, from Mozambique to Canada.

Yes, she has turned a corner, which has freed her: "I no longer need to show, to demonstrate. It should come as no surprise that Christine Salem's chosen path is so surprising and familiar at the same time. By abolishing routine, repetition, and retracing her steps, she invents a freedom for herself. A radiant, solemn, just freedom. A conquering freedom, nourished by her spiritual research as much as by her career as a musician. A freedom stretched towards the other, a freedom of sharing and fervour.

01. Mama don’t give up
02. Tapaz
03. Mi lar’ra pa lo kor
04. Mandéla
05. Bondié
06. Malangé
07. Bwar in kou 7. Bwar in kou
08. Iolilola
09. Mi larg pa lo kor
10. Lab
11. Walé
12. Jup